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Mein Kalender „Ride to Valhalla - Epic Nordic legends on two wheels“ wird ab 1. August 2023 international in Frankreich, Italien, Spanien, Portugal und England über den internationalen Buchhandel in fünf Sprachen angeboten. 

ISBN 9781325916511

Immerse yourself in an epic journey through Norse mythology and the world of motorcycles with our brand new calendar - #RideToValhalla! Experience the captivating combination of bearded warriors, their hair blowing in the wind, and historic motorcycles as they ride their machines through the gates of Valhalla. Each month presents you with a stunning work of art that captures the wild freedom and spirit of the Norse legends. From majestic landscapes to heroic battles, our images will transport you to a world of adventure. Feel the strength and courage of these modern Vikings as they race through the streets on their steel steeds. The #RideToValhalla calendar is a perfect gift for anyone who loves the mystical and shares a fascination for historic motorcycles. Bring a touch of Nordic culture to your home, office or workshop. Every glance at this calendar will transport you to the world of Norse warriors and make your pulse race. Don't miss your chance to be part of this epic journey! Order your #RideToValhalla calendar today and be enchanted by the power and beauty of these unique images. Bring the Nordic legend on two wheels into your life!

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